1. How do I register/ Get onboard with Green Gold 56?

A. You can leave your query in the “enquire now” section over the website or our app and we will get in touch with you soon.
B. You are always welcome in working hours for direct enquiry at our reception.

2. Is there a mobile application of Green Gold 56?

Yes and you can easily download it from ios and android play store.

3. How many minimum seats do I have to book to start my journey?

Let’s start with one and you can continue with as many as you wish.

4. What type of office areas are available in Green gold 56?

A. Managed Co-working office space seat wise.
B. Customized office space with long term agreements between us.
C. Non- managed co – working office space with liberty to add necessary features like internet, beverages etc.

5. Is there a secure lease line of internet or open network?

We believe security and confidentiality are important aspects in evolving of a good work culture so we have a well secured high speed internet lease line for you

6. What are the documents required for getting onboard?

It is simple, easy and convenient; just a small agreement and an Internet protection agreement and your e-KYC.
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